Communication Strengths And Weaknesses

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Communication plays a very important role in our life as the main tool of interaction between people. Communication is a very important aspect with the help of which people send both verbal messages including words and sentences and nonverbal messages including facial expression, behavior and physical setting. When I think of communication I think all the ways in which I express myself to those around me. There are ways in which my communication skills are powerful, and others time make me feeling as I should dance instead of speaking in front of a whole public. I believe on of my personal strengths in communication is that I can talk to just about anyone. I enjoy talking with people. In communication, my strength would be that I have the…show more content…
My weakness isn’t only being afraid to speak to a large group but to having to pronounce the word correctly. That’s what makes me nervous. I recognize I have a big problem when it comes to utter them correctly. I remember my teacher once said to me‘’ Saying nicely the words is what makes you a better speaker’’. I feel so bad to myself about my situation. I don’t have such problem when it comes to speak in my language but why am I having this weakness in English? I’m really scared of standing up and speaking up while my classmates haven’t even got one word of all I have said. It seems like my word are new for them because of my…show more content…
I sometimes have a weakness in the fact that I may be too honest with my answer and do not think before answering. I realize that when you are communicating with people, they really do not want the truth because it hurts and is offensive. I find that it is much easier for me to communicate, when I have knowledge of the conversation being discussed. I am very weak when it comes to starting a conversation and leading the discussion. I will avoid a conversation as much as possible when I have to present the information to be discussed. In communication, I am also weak in the area that I will choose to listen more than

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