Self Reflection Essay

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Amirah Shaheed Psychology 2101 June 11, 2014 Self-Reflection 8.2 1. I dislike people who talk down about other people 2. Those who really know me would say I am a very good friend 3. When I let someone know something I don’t like about myself I feel like he or she will use it against me in the future 4. When im in a group of strangers it is easy for me to have small talk 5. I envy those who do not deserve the things they have 6. I get hurt when people do the opposite of what they say 7. I daydream about a better and more stable life 8. Few people know that I am really shy 9. One thing I really dislike about myself is my impatience 10. When I share my values with someone I hope they accept me for who I am I feel like I engaged in the right amount of self-disclosure because my responses are short and simple but have a lot of meaning as well. The things that prevent me from engaging in self-disclosure is the judgment of that others will have of me. Sometimes I find it difficult to be self-disclosing because I dont like to be in uncomfortable situations. I find that a lot of people come to me to talk about things they are going through and I find it easier to help others with their problems rather than the other way around.
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