Unit 202 Principles Of Personal Development Essay

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Unit 202 Principles of personal development in an adult Social care setting. My name is jean-luc Clements- degrieck. Born in kings Lynn hospital on the 29/10/1994. I have lived in Norfolk all my life and have been with my parents for the majority. My mother comes from Belgium and was brought up by nuns in a school run by nuns till she was 19. The man, who I thought was my father, was born in Tilney St. Lawrence England, by his parents. In the end I was told on my eleventh birthday he was in fact my step-father, which at the time was quite shocking. My biological father is English but my Nan (his mother) is German. Thus I am multi-cultural, and have traits off all of them. From my mother I find it difficult to trust others, when it comes to personal relationships. Because she taught me…show more content…
My family had little money troubles and I was always well looked after. Although my mother was a tad strict at times, I believe that this helped me with my education and outlook on life. I believe I’m mature for my age, and look at life differently than my peers. I know live in shared accommodation, which has improved my mental state as this means I’m more able to do what I want when I want, without having to please anyone else. * Due to all this I believe that I that at work I am a reliable, hard working person. Although I make mistakes sometimes, when I am told, I do my hardest to rectify that. * I’m punctual and I have never been late for anything. I believe as I’m mature for my age, I am a good role model for the people I work with, and as I have lived with someone with disabilities I can relate to them in some ways. * I am a forgiving and patient person, which I think is what you need to work in this sector. As some off the members can take a long time to process the task in front off them. So all in all I believe I may have faults but I think my strengths out way

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