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8/24/2012 Sarah Abell SAT2 Task 1 My Leadership Style In the book, The Leader's Window, by Beck and Yeager discusses four types of leaders. In this paper I will be comparing and contrasting two different leadership styles to my leadership style. The leadership styles are director, problem solver, developer and delegator. Beck and Yeager state that each leadership style is either directive or supportive. Leaders either support their employees through listening and encouragement or direct them on how to accomplish tasks with specific instructions and consistent feedback. I am a developer, which has the characteristics of being an active listener and supportive of employees. During my time as a Special Education Teacher, one year I was the VE Liasion, which is the Supervisor of Exceptional Student Education at my school. There were only four people that I supervised, but it gave me an insight on how I manage others. If anyone in the group needed guidance or help they did not hesitate to ask me. They felt very comfortable with my leadership style. Most of the teachers had more years of experience teaching than I did, so they did not need much direction or supervision. With this team a developing leadership style was ideal. They knew how to perform their work responsibilites, so they did not need me to tell them how to do their job. If I would of told them precisely how to do their job this would cause them to resent my leadership and they would feel under minded. Also with the teachers having more years of experience than me, it would not have been appropriate for me to give them detailed instructions. My leadership style worked well with this group, since I am more supportive than directive. The leadership style of developer includes the characteristics of active listening, support, guidance and recognition. With these approaches a

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