Btec Business Level 3 Unit 7 P1

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Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services. P1 Authoritarian- This style is used when leaders want their employees to do something, they tell them how they want it done and how they want it accomplished, without getting advice of their followers. This style is more of a bossing around and unprofessional style. Democratic-This style is used when leaders want to include one or more employees in the decision making it is not a sign of weakness, it is so that the employees will be more confident with their own ideas and decision making. Decision making with your employees will let them gain respect for the leader and become more determined. This style will bring strength between you and your employees. Laissez-Faire-This style is used when the leader is lazy or distracted, it’s more of a you do what you want style. This style can be used when the team is highly capable and motivated, it’s when the team doesn’t need close monitoring or supervision. This style can cause failure when the leader expects the group to make the decision between themselves when they are un sure about what they need to achieve and how they need to accomplish the task.…show more content…
The style can also be used when the leader and the follower choose to achieve routine performance goals. Bureaucratic- This style followers a close set of standards and procedures. Bureaucratic leadership is done in an exact and specified way to ensure safety and accuracy. This style is mainly used in a situation where the work environment is dangerous. Leaders of this style are responsible to ensure the safety of their

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