The Five Most Important Leadership Traits

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Every organization or team needs leaders at every level. But what does it take to be a leader, and what type of characteristics to they hold? I believe the five most important leadership traits are honesty, responsibility, respect, the ability to take risks, and a sense a humor, and the most important of these is honesty. Honesty is the most important of the top five leadership traits because in today’s workplace it is the most valuable characteristic to have. If we cannot show other people that we are honest in our words and actions then who will be willing to follow us? Being a leader you must think about those who are looking up to you and following you not just about yourself. A leader needs to realize that if they are not an honest leader then they could get themselves and the people following them into trouble. Leaders must be moral and virtuous people. They should never take bribes or act corruptly. Any leader should be a person who can set an example for the people and act as a role model to those looking up to them. The second most important trait that a leader should have is responsibility which true leaders are willing to accept. All leaders should always take full responsibility for a task. They must take responsibility before accepting to take on the task as well as after it has been accomplished. This includes not only being responsible for the success of their team, but also the failure. A leader needs to know that mistakes happen, and that they need to just accept the fact that sometimes things go wrong. The qualities of a good leader do not include blaming others for a failed job or making excuses. Instead, a good leader is to ensure that his or her team learns from the mistakes that they have made to avoid future failures. No leader has full control over their team and their actions, but they do have full control over how they act, and have the

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