Goleman Leadership Rhetorical Analysis

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Goleman defines a leader as a person who identifies a human need and designs a solution to meet the need.Most leaders in our workplace are very competent when it comes to leadership roles but always lack the human aspect of leadership.Research have shown that mist outstanding leaders in organizations are those who can combine emotional intelligence and rational leadership.Many leaders who are excellent are denied promotion to senior positions because they lack the human aspect of leadership. Emotions are part of the human makeup.The position and the structure of the human brain makes man an emotional being who always considers his feelings more than his thoughts. Goleman(1998)discusses five component of emotional intelligence. The fist…show more content…
When employees feel empathy they give up their best but, on the other hand, when people experience lack of empathy they only work for the money and not for any internal joy. Lastly, there is the need for need to stay connected.A good leader should be able to connect socially with the subordinates and build relationship both within the organization and outside,If a leader can handle relationships well, he will be able to move the whole company on the same line he is towing.s Emotional intelligence can be transmitted from one person to another, so leaders who have emotional intelligence unconscious transfer it to their workers. It beholds on all leaders to have emotional intelligence, those who do not have it can learn since with practicing for a long time throughout the lifetime of a person can help one have it. There is the need to instill emotional intelligence in kids because there is a positive correlation between children who are taught emotional intelligence in their early age and their adult life.However, recent research indicated that the number of emotional intelligence among children have gone down because of technological and social changes that make parents always neglect their childrenOne can also learn emotional

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