Wheelworks Case Study

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Wheelworks Case Study The theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is that people must satisfy five groups of needs. The five needs that a person must satisfy is like a pyramid starting from the bottom and working its way up. Starting with Physiology, this can be viewed as food or base pay. Someone wanting to meet their physiological need is going to want the base pay that is satisfying to them for the job they will be doing. The environment around the workplace needs to be satisfactory. Then moving up one to Security, which is being secure in a job that has a pension or retirement plan. When a person is looking for a job that they will be with for a long time they are going to want a long term affect, such as retirement pay. Next up is Belongingness and this is feeling like you belong by having friends that you work with as well as friends and family outside of work. When people come to work feeling like they are not welcomed or they don’t have any type of friendship they will not be working there long or they will not put their best effort into the job. Then you have Esteem, this is when a person feels good about themselves and the work they do. If a person has low esteem you will not see very good work coming from them and they will look down upon themselves. The top of the pyramid is Self-actualization. Self-actualization is when someone can see the potential for them to learn something new or even grow in their job to do better things. When someone is trying to satisfy each level of the pyramid they will start at the lowest level. Once they are satisfied at that level they will move to the next, but if they don’t get satisfied at the level they are at they will not move to the next level until they are satisfied. With workers at Wheelworks starting at the lowest level they are automatically satisfied with the base pay because they are not in it for the money.
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