Woodside Case Study

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The traits that would be helpful for Woodside as he assumes his new position is self-confidence, consideration, and drive. Woodside showed his self-confidence by always trying to move up within the company. He also showed consideration by listening to the feelings of his colleagues, which in the end creates more trust towards him. Woodside showed his drive in the way that he started a project and he didn’t stop until it was completed to his satisfaction. The traits that would be detrimental to Woodside would be being permissive and lack of guidance. Woodside showed that he is permissive because he was covering the mistakes and even staying late to cover the mistakes of others. He showed lack of guidance because he was unable to help George with his business and personal problems. I think that Woodside showed that he possessed both types of leadership traits. There is no doubt that he is a people-oriented leader by getting along with his colleagues and had developed trust with all of his subordinates. He also showed that he could be a task-oriented leader by showing ambition toward achieving his goals and the company’s goals when it came to his projects. “Individualized leadership is based on the notion that a leader develops a unique relationship with each subordinate or group member, which determines how the leader behaves toward the member and how the member responds to the leader” (Daft, 2011, p. 51). By using this technique Woodside would be able to understand each of his subordinates to be and see what are the things that motivate each one of them to get to final destination for the good of the company. Daft, R. L. (2011). The leadership experience (5th ed.). Mason, OH:
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