The Characteristics of a Good Boss vs Bad Boss

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“The Characteristics of a Good Boss vs. a Bad Boss” We live in a society where people need a job to survive, which offers a broad range of job opportunities, although finding employment will be suitable for people can be difficult in today’s employment world. For some of us that mean putting up with a good boss or a bad boss. A boss is generally defined as someone who directly supervises the work activities of others. The character of whether a boss is considered good or bad depends on the outlook of the employee, which is supervised. A good boss door is always open, whereas a bad boss is not pleasing to be around, always keeping their door closed. A good boss door is always open for communication in the job world, versus a bad boss keeping his door closed at all times. There are many characteristics of being a good boss, some of them who are a good boss are a good listener someone that can truly assess their employees’ needs and meet them. A good boss when confronted with a problem will not point fingers at one of their employees. They will absorb the blame on themselves, and the whole department. Finger pointing goes back to grade school. Problems could also show issues within the department which the boss should be taking responsibility for, and the blame stops here. A good boss does not mind rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty, and help their employees when deadlines occur, they are an excellent boss. A good boss truly understands that unless the job is done, and done by all, they have not done their job. A good boss is someone who becomes a mentor of their employees. This is a skill and trait that businesses are looking for in bosses, but all the good ones have. They grow and develop their team to the best that they can be. Since communication skills are at an all-time low, a boss who can communicate is a gem. They keep their employees

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