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The purpose of this essay is to identify and explain leadership styles and management theories which are relevant to the social care setting. The interrelationship between theories and leadership styles will also be discussed along with the effects each of the styles can have on the quality of service provided. This will be achieved by looking at the leadership and management style of a manager who runs a 19 bedded EMI residential home in St Asaph. As the manager in questions leadership style is the autocratic style and her management style follows Douglas McGregors X theory these two will be discussed first along with examples of her behaviour which fits into the style and theory. Following this other leadership styles and management theories will be looked and a comparison made towards the deputy manager at the home. The interrelationship between each will then be highlighted and discussed. Throughout the essay the effects in which the styles can have on the quality of service will be discussed. Within the social care environment a manager’s leadership style can have an impact on the overall running of a setting. Different leadership styles will each have a different effect on how a service runs. The autocratic leadership style is often seen as the classical approach. An autocratic leader likes to feel that they have complete power over their employees. The workforce will not be invited to put forward their views or ideas. Even if these views or ideas are beneficial to the team. Employees are not allowed to criticise or question the way in which the leader gets things done. Employees will be expected to obey orders without being given an explanation. A manager working with this style of management will motivate staff by creating a structured set of rewards and punishments. (essortment.com, 2011) The advantage of working with this style is that

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