Professionalism and Honesty

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Honesty is defined as the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness. It means a behavior free from cheat and deceit. It is also free from all kinds of unethical motive. This term is so important in everyday life because it’s the simple basis of how we carry out routine activities and foundation to building any relationships. Everybody in the world interacts with one another and when honesty is neglected problems tend to arise. Essentially, honesty is the major factor that supports every known source of information. For example; without honesty how would someone actually know the simple truth? Each time new information is obtained or we just carry out an ordinary conversation we assume that honest words are coming out of the other personal’s mouth and when lies are told controversy sparks like a match. Principally, I believe honesty is important because it provides accurate information, reflects good character, and builds lasting, trusting relationships. The fact that honesty provides accurate information is so influential to every aspect of life. In reality the simple act of telling the truth is prominent because it affects all others around us somewhere down the line. Honesty reflects good character because when people know that someone is honest they feel that they can overall trust that person. It’s always comforting and reassuring when you can count on that person no matter the circumstances are. Professionalism is something often overlooked. It is a quality we can all use to succeed in life. Professionalism is something not exclusive to anyone’s profession. It has its own code of ethics. The problem is that too few students understand the need for high ethical and moral standards. The essence of professional development is the evolution of proficient thinking that demonstrates the credibility of those who share the same vision and mission. A
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