Personal Narrative: Life After High School

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Whatever it takes to get there By: Brandi Gaymon Living in North Philadelphia is already a challenge in itself when attending a public school. There are always the students who do not care, do not want to learn, and expect everyone else to feel the same way about their education. But not me, I have always been interested in school studies and incorporating what I know into higher learning. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to attend college after high school in order to better myself and be a good role model for my two younger brothers. In the future I hope to one day become a Cardiovascular Perfusionist and I am trying my best to make my career goal a reality. Becoming something in life is important to me which is why I have been struggling to stay on top all these years.…show more content…
I have two younger brothers and two older sisters and although my sisters have created a comfortable lifestyle for themselves with just a high school education, I want to show my brothers how much further a college education can go. Also, both my parents have worked very hard throughout the years for my siblings and I, and I want to make them proud by being successful and showing them how much their love and support helped. With both of my sisters gone to live their own lives, I’m the oldest sibling still left at home with my brothers so it is important not to let them see me fail. Education is the key to life, so my parents say. It is the greatest backup plan when things go wrong and I completely agree with

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