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When Students Are Parents In this essay “When Student Are Parents”, Monique Rizer narrates her challenging experience. She emphasizes obstacle that faced and the responsibility that she had as student and new mother by using her own experience. Also, she stated that with the right resources and attitude, parents can pursue higher education. At the beginning she describes feeling out of place and uncomfortable on campus “Crammed behind my desk, I fidgeted and shifted my eyes to observe the other students in the room. I tried not to look the way I felt- like I didn’t belong there with them.” Also, she narrates difficulties that she faced after high-school graduation. Financial difficulties forced her to stop her higher education “Financial difficulties forced my family of eight to move”. Then, she shows how she succeeded, despite her mother’s disapproval toward parents who seek higher education. Her son was the better motivation. He kindled her ambition to be a better student. Rizer wants to give him better life and to set an example for him to follow. She mentions that helping each other can be very useful. Having financial aid, giving more information on day-care, and housing are the right resources and the great help for student parents. Parents- students had more responsibilities than the other students. From my own experience, I am now a college students and mother of two children. At the beginning, as an immigrant, I had faced many difficulties finding new job, learning new language, and acclimating to a new society. I wasn’t motivated to attend community college. After that, I had my first baby. Then, I applied for financial aid and they accept my demand which it encourage me to prepare my degree in “international business”. I wish to advance my education to a higher level by possessing a master degree in order to realize my
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