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Academic Autobiography Entering the Palm Beach County School System for the first time at the age of 5 started what would seem to be the longest chapter of my life. Throughout the next couple of decades I would gain knowledge to prepare me for the scary place known as the real world. First and foremost I would like to say that looking back now, I realize how poorly I neglected to take advantage of naptime in kindergarten. Going through my timeline in elementary school I was taught the basic fundamentals of education in ways that any 8 year old could comprehend, and the beginning of skills I could use later on in life (such as being one of the few safety patrols to become a captain, a huge honor and ranking to elementary school…show more content…
The classes were harder, teachers more strict and being mixed in with some of the bigger kids changed my view of school. I will admit I goofed around a little too much during freshman and sophomore year not realizing the importance of my grades until junior and senior year, when suddenly everything became focused on colleges and universities and SATs and ACTs and applications and just complete overload and stress on my mind. Realizing that I screwed up I decided to get act together, but unfortunately I realized all this a little too late. I believe the one experience that changed my view on the importance of education all together was my job. At the age of 16, I was hired at Cinemark 14 Boynton Beach as a concessionist. Now working at a movie theater I’ve met and worked with all sorts of people. Though the theater is mainly comprised of students ages 16-23, I had a few co-workers who unfortunately either dropped out of high school or never went to college. Being 16 at the time and working a minimum wage job I found myself with barely a couple cents left from my paycheck week after week, keeping in mind that I have no…show more content…
I don’t think elementary school and middle school really prepared me for college the way high school did. Education wise, I feel like high school more closely relates to college in the sense of preparation. Taking AP classes helped show me how much work I needed to start getting used to and the difficulty of that work. What high school did not teach me was that, I have to do everything by myself, literally, everything. I no longer had my mom enrolling me in school, it was all up to me. Picking classes and choosing what time I wanted to be in school was something I was definitely not used to, yet something I could get used to and like a whole lot better. The one factor of college that did kill me though was the fact that me, myself, and I were responsible for paying for everything. I never understood why everyone complained about textbooks until I took a look at the prices tags and saw ALL the books my professors required. Not only did my heart hurt, but so did my

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