Strengths and Challenges Letter

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Strengths and Challenges Letter Dear Professor J. Campbell, I would like to take this time to share with you as my Professor my strengths and challenges so you will know something about this student. I have a couple of strengths and lots of challenges. I would like to keep it basic and right now my challenge is coming back to school. I don’t expect to be easy; as they always say” anything that comes easy to you, you never appreciate it”. I dropped out of school when I had my first child and I didn’t get my high school diploma until I had my 3th child. I was very determined to at least get my high school diploma that was a successful day when I received my High School Diploma. My next challenge was to go to college staying focused. I’ve been part of activities and would stop right in the middle, only because either it wasn’t interesting or I would get frustrated. But I came to find out that it was not a great idea to start something and not finish, only because it would start to become a habit and your life would always be flip flop, plus it wasn’t a good example. I made up my mind that I had to pull some strength from somewhere and get busy. The first thing that I need to do was to re-examine my goal and how I was going to accomplish them. I had to look at all my resources and let nothing be a block door “when on closes another
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