Why Is College Is Important

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“ Why college education is important to me” For many people, College is a top priority in their life and for others, it may not be a Thought that ever crosses their mind. For me, after I graduated from High School I told myself I was done with school and that I didn’t need to further my education in order to get a job, so naturally the furthest thought from my mind was going to college. Now, I think about the importance of a college education and I can’t help but look back with regret for thinking the way that I did. Looking back, there were a few times I would hear about a friend going to college and would get curious about starting school, however, I always seemed to brush it off and tell myself I was too “busy” when the truth was I was intimidated. I felt like I wasn’t smart enough for college. A friend of mine whom I told my feelings about school let me borrow a book of hers that changed my perspective of what being smart really was. The book was about multiple intelligences called “You’re Smarter than you think” and by reading “ being smart isn’t only about getting good grades, scoring high on tests and memorizing stuff..” made me more interested in finding out my strengths and using them to help me in other aspects of learning. It made me realize things I never knew about myself before, yet I still had lingering fears since I had been out of school for several years to include the doubt that I would be able to juggle taking care of my children and go to school at the same time. It wasn’t until I went thru my Divorce that I started to really think about the importance of college and thoroughly analyze my life and it was thru that experience that made me realize that for once, I needed to make myself and my needs a top priority. It took inquiring about employment for several jobs to really grasp the fact that
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