Why Attend College

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Attending college means acquiring opportunities and options. A good education will provide me with ways to accomplish my personal and career goals. The college experience is also a way of growing, maturing and gaining life experience. Ultimately, it will afford me a chance to become a positive influence within society. I come from a family of loving, hardworking people, and I saw the struggle and determination of making it through everyday life. I have always been pushed to do my best. When I was younger I resented it, but now I understand the purpose of getting a good educational foundation. A college education will open doors that would not otherwise be available to me. In the future, I want to be able to decide on a career, as opposed to just getting a job. I want the upper hand in determining my own career path. A college degree will help me reach that goal, and provide me with various career choices. My interests are entrepreneurship, finance, and business administration. I would someday like to have my own business; and I plan to obtain a degree in business. I understand that I need to gain specific knowledge and training in order to attain this goal. A college will provide me with the necessary tools to become successful within my chosen profession. I enjoy learning, and I have done well academically. College will help sharpen and build my current educational foundation. College will also provide me with a sense of personal achievement and greater self-esteem. This will allow me to integrate my personal and professional development, enabling me to become a better person and contribute to the good of society. The college experience is not merely gaining an education; is also the opportunity to meet people, discover cultures, gain experiences, and grow as a person. It is one of the first steps to becoming an independent adult. I have taken college
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