Why College Education Is Important to Me

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Why College Education Is Important to Me By John-Robert Tenorio After processing out of the Army, I often thought of a successful career as a manger in a large corporation. I often dreamed many times on how I would be able to achieve this. Thinking over and over about how furthering my education would benefit me in many different ways. If I could further my education to become a more educated person it would help me be more socially connected to the white collar type job I was looking for. I am sure that with more education it would open a wide range of opportunities. Education would also help me to become better with handling my financial situation. By being a better financially equipped individual I would be able to plan a future by having a job that pays more which would increase the savings to be able to retire later in life. I could be taught how to make much better decisions for myself to enable me to become financially stable. A good education by the right institution would open the window of opportunity by guiding me in the right profession to chase the better companies to apply for a job with a focused clear mind. With a good college teaching me it could help me understand diversity and a multitude of cultures, helping me build a better network circle of people which could be important in having a future career. Being more educated with such a larger way of thinking could help me be a more independent person also a self-starter instead of a follower. Another quote that someone told me was by Oscar Wilde (Berdichevsky) “You can never be over dressed or over educated.” You can never be over educated to me means that you can always add to your education. If you have an Associates degree you can always go to Bachelors degree and even higher. Once you reach a Master’s you can always get a second Master’s degree. The better educated you are

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