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Research Question: Do illegal immigrants deserve a right to higher education? Or do they just cost us money and do not show any positive outcomes in our society? Tuition Equity America’s prosperity has been founded off the work of many immigrants from all regions of the world. We have some of the brightest students growing up in our nation who will create a country that will have endless opportunities, and will fill the jobs that do not exist today. But some of the brightest students here in Oregon face a roadblock that impedes them from their upward mobility. These students are undocumented immigrants. Why provide these extraordinary triumphing students education from K-12, but then end their dreams and career aspirations for a higher…show more content…
By not allowing them to further their education causes the resources that these kids are being provided with to go to waste. “Most immigrant families have a positive net fiscal impact on the United States, adding $88,000 more in tax revenues than they consume in services” (Kane and Johnson 31). We have invested time and money into these students, and they acquire the dream of being able to achieve upward mobility in order to break the downward mobility cycles. Many of these students have been striving in school and have taken the right paths, only to be impeded from achieving a higher education. This is an issue that we need address and fix in order for the State of Oregon to successfully combat the recession that we are currently facing. If we don’t allow undocumented immigrants to find their path towards upward mobility, then there will be an influx of unemployment, creating a larger gap within professional…show more content…
Education is the key to economic mobility and avoiding poverty. Having a poor economic outlook restricts these labor immigrants from ever being able to find that upward mobility. “If most immigrants are not illiterate, they also are not all college graduates” (Portes and Rambaut 68). We need to have more professionals in our state because we lag behind many others on maintaining a strong economy. Building a stronger economy means being able to have the millions that are here continue their education and this would have positive impact on the economy. These students, who normally are unable to obtain financial aid, would be aiding state schools. By giving that back, the schools too will see the positive fiscal impact. Not only that, but the schools would have a larger percentage of students going into these professional jobs and closing the gap that we have in the labor

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