Is Going to College Necessary?

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Is Going to College Necessary? In the past, earning a college degree was optional, but it has since become a social and professional requirement. Due to the improvement in the world’s education level, it becomes increasingly necessary for individuals to attain higher education in order to remain competitive. Despite a college education as a basic requirement, many college students suffer from increasing tuition and are saddled with student loans after they graduate. Also college graduates frequently do not have enough real world experience to qualify for even entry level positions in the workforce. College still benefits students by providing a social experience, teaching analytical skills, and fulfilling a basic requirement for competitiveness; nevertheless, college education still has serious issues. Although going to college is beneficial to the students, the annual escalation of college tuition adds to their professional burden. . From the article “Plan B: Skip College” the professor Richard K. Vedder of Ohio University likens a college degree to a luxury item by stating, “some of students could have bought a house for what they spent on their education” (2). In this situation we can see that the college diploma becomes a luxury item, not everyone can afford. In the past, for students concerned about the rising cost of college, financial advisers have traditionally recommended public universities. Nowadays, the situation has been changed. Both public and private colleges carry much smaller price tags right now, and many of these state schools are now raising tuition every year. Raising tuition gives students a hard time in a tight financial bind. The United States government does provide student loans for college students, but financial student loans only provide temporary relief. Student loans become a painful subject for graduates who received

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