The Pros And Cons Of Secondary Education

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It is believed that if a person is thriving economically then they will be happy in other aspects of their life. There are steps to becoming economically successful. These steps include going through primary education, then secondary education. Secondary education is “optional” because really only a high school degree is needed in order to make a living. But in order to become anything more than a blue collar worker, a person needs to go through secondary education. The system has given students the choice of whether or not they want to go to college, but they make it where if a student does not go they struggle in life. Unless they are one of the lucky few. The choice is theirs to make but there is really only one right answer and that…show more content…
Most of the money the government gives its students ends up being paid back one way or another. The government claims they will give students financial aid but it is not enough to go through the average 4 years of college debt free, unless they are one of the lucky few who get full scholarships for being extraordinary whether it be in academics, sports, or another extracurricular activity. It is not everyone who even gets financial aid. Financial aid is based on the financial history of a family, and that determines how much a family is able to contribute to one's education. Families are given an amount that they are expected to contribute yet they end up paying way over that amount. The government has told the family this is how much they can afford to contribute and they will pay the rest, but they do not. Financial aid is considered a gift but is it really when the student ends up in debt? The government gifts some money where it does not have to be paid back, and the rest is given in loans that have interest. How is the student expected to pay back the money owed for their expensive education with no job? When the whole point of going to college was to get a degree that will help them be economically successful. These students have to work hard to find a job, in order to pay back their debts. When they were under the impression that they would get a good job and move up economically if they went to college. These students don’t move up though and they continue to struggle because their status had already been predestined without them even knowing it. They become what David McNally author of “Zombies: Apocalypse or Rebellion?” calls capitalism zombies. Zombies are “...the millions of workers who feed the machinery of profit with their labor.”(McNally) These zombies work really hard to try to move up economically but instead, the only one profiting is the government and the top percent. Charles Blow author from
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