Students Should Not Work in High School

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Students Should Not Work in High School Working in high school can have some advantages such as teaching responsibility and the value of a dollar; however, the effects can be harmful to grades, social life and relationships with parents for many teenagers and cause behavioral problems. Many teenagers experience a drop in grades because working takes away from their study and homework time. They lack time to spend with friends; therefore they feel distant and sometimes lack social experiences. Most of the time they spend less and less time with their families and parents; therefore causing them to feel left out. Many behavioral problems and some health issues can also be linked to working in high school. Working in high school can cause more harm than good. Many students experience a drop in grades, when they have a job in high school. A job requires them to work at certain hours, usually after school and takes away from the time they study and do homework. Studies have shown that students who work often do badly on test and quizzes. The decline in performance at school can also occur due to the lack of sleep a job might cause. Jobs can be liberating for teenagers and most enjoy them, but studies show the extended hour and difficulty of maintaining both can be detrimental to high school students. (Patton) Many students who work often feel disconnected from their friends, because they lose the ability to spend their free time with them as much as they are used to. They spend most of their time on the weekends and after school working; therefore putting strain on their friendships. Building relationships are important to the development of teenagers, and missing out on that can be harmful to social skills. (Pasternote) Working in high school can cause major problems for teens when it comes to their social life and building social skills. The family dynamic of

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