Inequality in Public Schools

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Inequality in School Threatens US Prosperity During decades, the USA government is attempting to find solution for the schools system problems; they haven’t found a solution for education inequality in schools system was failed. According to the article by Brook Donald the school tries to change this reality, but they have failed to create a strong and equal system in schools with poor and minority students at raise disadvantage. However , there are some solution can provide equal opportunities to all students such as better training for teacher and grant programs. One major problem with school inequality is that some schools are not being provided with the resources to succeed. A according to the article by Strauss claims schools in poor and low neighborhoods like Harlem ,the south Bronx and central Brooklyn are not founded and receiving grants. On the other hand, schools in provided neighborhood receive opportunities like experienced teachers and other resources as a result; they are viewed as more successfully. The second problem face school system in USA is poor student and their income is low. Also, these students don’t have enough money to buy supplies that students need during in school. Also, poor students don’t have enough money to buy new computers or new programs to join with society, and this problem reflects in schools such as knowledge and experiences, too. There are many effects results faces schools system on the education, and school system get bad result. There are some teachers don’t have experiences, and teachers have negative influence on the students, however, there are some solution to get a good result such as encourages students to work hard, and distract give new computers, enough supplies that student need .Also school system can make new programs such as programs for training, grant programs to develop the ability for the
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