No Shame In My Game

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No Shame In My Game Assignment Poor teen’s working while in school can affect each teen differently. Most of us have seen the outcomes of too much work for students. Some people believe that jobs distract students from their studies while others argue student’s who work are building valuable skills. Katherine Newman feels that poor teens’ working while in school positively affects teens. She believes poor teens who work are more motivated to finish school. Working teenagers in No Shame in My Game by Katherine Newman work for different reasons. Some of these teens work to help themselves stay out of trouble. They want to stay out of trouble on the streets and no associate themselves with negative influences. Working, even at Burger Barn, takes away these teenagers free time in which they could have been negatively influenced by other teenagers. Other poor teenagers that Newman showed us worked to help support their family. Working at Burger Barn has proved to be a safe place for these teens to go after school. Managers at Burger Barn encourage school and success to their workers. Grades determine how many hours the teens will get at Burger Barn. Workers such as Ron are motivated by work. They are motivated to go to school and make a better life for themselves. Workers at Burger Barn take pride in their work. Customers come up and yell at the workers, although they try to ignore it the best they can. They feel that they are working toward a better future since they are staying out of trouble. It is hard to balance school and work together. This is shown in No Shame in My Game with a couple of workers at Burger Barn. I can personally relate to this as I am going to school as well as I have two part-time jobs and manage about a 30 hour work week. This gets difficult balancing everything but work and school together create time management.
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