Hunger Hits Home

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Hunger Hits Home The documentary I recently watched on the food network called “hunger hits home” is about the crisis of childhood hunger in America through the eyes of three families, anti-hunger activists, educators, and politicians trying desperately to put an end to this ever growing battle. At first hunger hits home shows the lives of hardworking families struggling to make ends meet. They show how hunger is affecting their everyday lives. They also show hunger activists who are hard at work trying to help those hungry families, like a food pantry founder who opened her own food pantry to help people who didn’t have food, a principle who is determined to not let his students go hungry, as well as politicians and non-funded anti-hunger activists. In the one hour long special that really touched my heart it shows how this overgrowing crisis is getting out of hand and how us as Americans need to lend a helping hand to stop this. By helping start more programs in my community and helping give students enough nutritious food to get them through weekends, hand-delivering meals to students’ homes during summer break, and providing services to their families and local food kitchens we would decrease a lot of this. We can also help out by calling our governors to help out. Hunger Hits Home made it clear that America’s hunger crisis is occurring in every neighborhood in the United States. And they also make it clear that when everyone contributes to making a difference, we can stop hunger in its tracks and give every child a healthy, happy

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