The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

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Ronak Patel Engl 1010 Outline I. Intro A. Introduce The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and its author. What is the book about and why is the author unique/important. (1-2 sentence summary.) B. Introduce the main theme from the book that you’ll address in the paper. “Overcoming Adversity” C. In The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, William Kamkwamaba tells about how African American kids safe adversity everyday, just to survive; while American’s on the other hand, keep increasing their wants. Americans should be happy with what they have because people around the world are dieing of hunger, while they sit around looking for the next thing to buy. II. Body Paragraph 1 (Adversity) A. William Kamkwamaba faces many challenges in The Boy Who Harnessed Wind (Why is it so hard for William to get an education?) B. Lack of Resources (money, food) C. Lack of Electricity D. Criticism by his peers for foolish ideas III. Adversity A. Americans do not appreciate what they have, every day we go to school moaning, come home hungry, and go to sleep in a warm bed. Many people do not have this convince, and we as Americans take it for granted. B. U.S. 9% malnourish African 68% malnourished C. “No Child Left Behind Act” D. Government Programs to provide food IV. Body Paragraph 3 (Poverty) A. William Kawkwanaba’s family is suffering from poverty B. Single Crop Farm C. Lack of food during drought D. Lack of Resources in general V. Body Paragraph 4 (American Poverty) A. Do kids in American really know what poverty is? B. Yesterday at wal-mart, I heard a kid asking him mom if she would buy him a PS3 on Black Friday; his mom said “no, you already have a Wii.” The child’s response was, “why can not I have them both?” C. Abuse what’s given to use D. Always want more/ consumer economy VI. Body Paragraph 5 (Education) A. William Kamkwanaba receive a

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