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“Sweet, Sour, and Resentful” In this story, Dumas tells Gourmet magazine how her mother prepares a Persian feast weekly for a great number of people. She tells how her mother is bitter about cooking every week for so many people and in a small place. The family had moved to the states before their friends and family, so they were called on to help adapt when they moved to the area. That’s when the weekly meals started. Dumas stated, “Displaying the hospitality that Iranians so cherish, my father extended a dinner invitation to everyone who called”(321). “As a result, we found ourselves feeding dozens of people every weekend”(Dumas 321). Her mom intended dinner starting on Monday for the next weekend. Since she didn’t drive, her husband took her shopping every Tuesday for all the provisions she needed for the dinner. Availability and freshness of food and herbs determined how long the shopping trip would be. She, along with help from her husband, prepared items such as herbs and onions, all week in order to be ready for her big meal on the weekend. Even though the mother prepared many dishes to serve a lot people, she prepared only the best. Mother appeared to be resentful to be constantly cooking; she didn’t do any less from week to week. All in all it appeared that she thrived on the compliments and wishes she received for her efforts. She covertly prided herself in being able to continue the traditions of the Iranians culture and her neighbors. She was really is proud of her achievements. This is signified by the time and effort that she spent shopping, preparing, and sharing her food. The mother gave up her time and energy to uphold the culture she loved. Work Cited “Sweet, Sour, and Resentful,” by Dumas, The Bedford Reader Eleventh Edition. Kennedy, X.J. et.al Boston: Bedford/St. Martin,

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