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Whetsel Fisher 11/15/12 Problem Solution Paper Rough Draft The Problem of Latchkey Children in America Today's children are being forced to grow up faster than in past generations. Mothers working outside the home are at an all-time high, often creating situations in which children have to take care of themselves after school. The term "latchkey kids" is commonly used to describe children who wore or carried house keys to school so they could get inside their homes after school while their parents were working. Problems stemming from unsupervised children in the home include but are not limited to, anxiety, poor academic performance in school, bad dietary habits, and increased risk of injury to the child. Latchkey kids in America…show more content…
A church I attended during my youth started a program entitled “Backpacks for Kids” in which members would meet one night a week to pack nutritious snacks into a backpack that were then issued to kids who were known to go home daily to an empty house. There would be enough healthy food in the pack to last the entire week. The recipients were particularly “at risk” children whose names were submitted from teachers within the local schools. These children had shown signs of malnutrition and weight loss, red flags for the teachers that the child was not able to have accessible food at home, for whatever reason. Some also even had bad dental decay, all of which are signs of indulging in excessive sweets while unsupervised at home. Educators and social service workers should outreach more to churches to request similar assistance…show more content…
While they mature quicker and they may be learning crucial life skills, these lessons are not without substantial risk. The solutions exist, but it takes volunteer power from schools and churches, and the flexibility of management over our workplaces. “It takes a village…” is a common phrase pertaining to the raising of children. The whole community at every level needs to rededicate their efforts into making the world a safer place for children. Only then will the problem of latchkey kids be

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