The Most Poweful Question A Parent Can Ask

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Synthesis Essay 2 “The most powerful question a parent can ask” by Neil Millar and “Be-ers and Doers” by Budge Wilson are about making children demonstrate great accountability. Neil Millar talks about “what kind of children do (we) want to raise” whereas Budge talks about the difference between being and doing. Both of the passages represent that being parents is a very challenging job but “the most powerful question a parent can ask “ shows the more respectful approach of parents to their children. In some families values play an important role. “(These) values pass on mother-to-mother combine with the natural instincts to love, support and nurture.” If a person was raised spending most of the time on the things that were being bad influence for them such as wrestling or teen’s reality show or their parents were too busy working and did not have enough time to check if they were keeping up with the homework and reading. It is pretty obvious that the child is going to have a great amount of difficulty as they grow up. I agree that raising children is not an easy job but if I was raised in a very bad way and thought my parents did not put enough effort in my upbringing I would not want my children to think the same about me and go through the same rough path of life as I did. Childhood is what makes a child’s base and it is important to pay close attention to their childhood and teach them the difference between good and bad. So, when they grow up they will not have any problem in picking the right path. Understanding your child is another key fact that can help you make their future and your life better. Being a parent it is your responsibility to understand your child’s needs, needs that are eligible for their age group such as a toy that is not only a toy but it gives some sort of information that could be helpful for them either in the future or

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