Long School Hours

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Let Them Be Kids In 2009, president Obama gave a speech about a competitive American education and in his speech he said: “Now, I know longer school days and school years are not wildly popular ideas”, and he also said: “ I think we should have longer school years” (Office of the press Secretary) (1). However, do we really need longer school days? Do we need to extend school hours? As a mother of three kids, I appreciate every minute I spend with my kids, so I absolutely don’t want my kids to spend almost their entire day at school. There are many effects with long school hours on my kids such as little or no time for after school activity like sports. Long school hours causing my kids to deal with so much stress that it affected their educational performance. In addition to that, long school hours lead to long homework hours and less time for good night sleep. When I was in school, I started my day around six-thirty in the morning. Then I had a light breakfast with my siblings. My school was twenty minute walking distance from my home. Walking to and from the school was an everyday thing, and it was good exercise. I started my school day at eight with a fifteen-minute physical education class. Then I began my journey into learning. Math, science, and language always took place in the morning periods, which I think was good idea since the brain functions better at the beginning of the day. Each class was forty-five minutes long interrupted by a ten minutes activity because as a little kid after twenty minutes of lecture the brain needs a break. I also had a ten minutes break to prepare for the next class. Around eleven, we usually took twenty-five minutes lunch break and if you are lucky enough and you live very close to the school you can go home and get your lunch. After lunch, I either had a music or art class. My last class was social studies or history. By

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