Banning Cell Phone Use in High School Settings

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Banning Cell Phone Use in High School Settings Most teenagers own a cell phone.Teenagers are often seen talking or, even more often, texting. Cell phones have become a major part of the everyday life for most young people. Today’s society strongly encourages teenagers to have a phone, and many teenagers get phones because of peer pressure. Cell phones can be very useful because parents want to communicate with their children in case of emergency. However, they can also be used for less important reasons, such as an excessive amount of texting. One big issue concerning cell phones and teenagers is the use of cellphones in high school settings. Cell phones distract students and teachers. Therefore, cell phones ought to be banned from high school classrooms. Students can cheat on exams using their phones. Teenagers who constantly have their cell phones with them during class have become adept at using their cell phones without getting caught by the teacher. Any student can text answers to a friend. If the teacher happened to ask what a student was doing, he could say he was texting his mom and the teacher would never know the student was cheating. Students can look up answers on internet browsers. While taking a test, a student could look up test answers on websites such as Google and Yahoo. Students can already have study material saved on their phones. A student could have photos of the answers and use them dishonestly when the teacher is not looking. It is easy for a student to “glance” at a picture of an answer without the teacher noticing. Allowing cell phones in a classroom setting is a simple way for students to cheat on tests. Students can become distracted during class by text messages. Texting in class has become a growing problem in school settings. Students focus on the content of the message instead of the lesson. If a student
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