Informative Essay- Unpopular View of Ipads in the Classroom

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Unpopular View of iPads in the Classroom It this day of age, it may seem as though Apple products are taking over the world. Mostly every where you go, you will see someone either on their iPhone 5 or iPod touch, exploring the many uses of their technology device. For many years now, cellular devices and MP3 players have been banned from schools, in fear of the students either cheating or being too distracted to learn. However, new shocking information has proved that one apple product may actually be helpful in a classroom setting. The major question to ask nowadays is whether or not iPads are helpful in the classroom setting, or hurtful for the students learning experience. A common belief among school systems today is that any mobile device is only hurtful for the child’s learning environment. It is not a surprising thought to think that children or even young adults would use their iPhones to look up answers to questions on a test, if given the chance to do so. iPads also pose the same threat. School systems nowadays do not want their students using mobile devices, such as the iPad, in the classroom in fear of them cheating or being too distracted to want to learn. Another reason for keeping iPads out of the classroom is the costly price of them. According to Hedge, “Tablets can be prohibitively expensive for graduate students. Some schools may provide a tech budget for students” (50). Many college students do not have extra money lying around to pay for luxury items such as an iPad or tablet. Similarly, public school systems often struggle with funding, and don’t see legitimate reasons for spending 400$ per student to be able to draw on a tablet instead of a piece of paper. Between the risks that iPads bring into the classroom, and the expensive costs, iPads are commonly not believed to be a necessary item in classrooms today. Despite popular belief,
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