Why Cell Phone Sholud Be Allowed In School

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Mr. Magee, The question of whether cell phones should be allowed in schools has been debated over the years. Most school administrations regard cell phone use as disruptive and distracting, and have implemented policies that prohibit using them on school grounds. There are benefits to letting the student body use their cell phones at school. Your parents can reach you in the event of an emergency, and vice versa. If in danger, we can reach the authorities or a medical provider. They can also be used as “study aids”. If you, as the principle, will give us a chance we can prove to you we have the responsibility. In example, if you have a personal emergency your parents can contact you. You will then be notified. Your parent will not have to contact the teacher and if it is a family death notification, you will not have to break down and start crying in front of the whole class. That can be a little embarrassing. For example If a student sees that a fight is about to start, they can call an administrator. They will not have to run to get one. The administrator will show up faster and end the fight. Cell phones will provide a safer environment on campus for students and faculty. Students should also be allowed to use their mobile phones in class because they can serve as 'learning aids', a study claims today. During a nine-month experiment involving classes aged 14 to 16, pupils either used their own mobiles in lessons or the new generation of Smartphone' which allow internet connection. They were used to create short films, set homework reminders, record a teacher reading a poem and time experiments with the phones' stopwatches. The smartphones also allowed pupils to access revision websites, log into the school email system, or transfer electronic files between school and home. The study by researchers at Nottingham University involved 331 pupils in

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