Analysis of Spanish, English, and French Cultural and Economic Responses to Native Americans

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1 Should cell phones be allowed in school? Cell phones have been argued to improve academics and education, but they introduce and create more problems as well. Students can abuse the allowance of cell phones, as they have done before, such instances in bullying, bomb threats, and use of features distracting to learning. They may also even utilize cell phones for cheating, an already large problem in academics. Cellphones have many capabilities which cannot be controlled, and not all students may be able to afford a cell phone. In most cases, cell phones are usually not even needed. The risks for allowing cells phones in school are not worth the capabilities they have. Cell phones are seen by the opposing argument as educational tools to improve academics, but they are, in fact, the opposite. Most students who are allowed to use cell phones use them for social media, and recreational apps, distracting to the point of the whole educational system; learning.. Instead of being used as educational tools, cell phones are used by students as a source of distraction and not for the academic uses they have, and students do not listen even after they are told to stop, and given rules and guidelines about what is allowed to be done on the cell phones (Kiema, Kinjo, 2015). Cell phones will end up as another classroom distraction to students without administration, so students can decide not to pay attention whenever they want and continue to talk to each other on social media. 2 On the topic of communication between students, cell phones are also the facilitator of cheating on tests between students, and they are usually also used for plagiarism, when students take an author’s work and call it their own. Students can easily use text messaging features of a cell phone to share test answers, silently and undetectable by the teacher in most cases

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