Should Parents Be Allowed to Spy on Thier Childs Social Media?

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Parents have the unnecessary want to snoop through their teenagers social media accounts. Technology, like smart phones, tablets and computers allow connections to “apps” like Instagram, Snap Chat, kik, askfm and facebook. Because teens sometimes seem constantly distracted by this social media, parents feel left out and isolated as there is less open face-to-face conversation. Because of this parents feel as if going onto their social media accounts will act as their guide into their teenagers life once again. But the question is whether parents should shave the right to check their teens social media accounts. Teenagers want their privacy, especially from their parents. They want to have conversations and inside jokes that belong only to them and their friends. Teenagers do not want to feel like they are sharing everything in their lives with their parents. This is why I believe parents should not be able to check their teen’s social media accounts. I understand that parents are also concerned with their teens safety. We hear a lot about the dangers of the internet and sharing too much information through social media. But as teenagers, we are expected to be more responsible and deserve some privacy. Parents rummaging through their teens’ social media accounts may do more harm than good as it shows no trust. There are better ways to for parents to stay connected and help keep their kids safe. In the article “Should parents snoop on their kids online?” written by Eliene Augenbraun, she quoted Caroline Knorr, a parenting editor at Common Sense Media, who said “Kids know technology better than their parents do. If you rely on technology to monitor your kids or prevent them from engaging in online risks you are getting a false sense of security.” And this is very true. If a parent instead of looking at their child’s phone just talked to them to see

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