Allowing Cell Phones in Schools Essay

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ell phones, especially smart phones are becoming a valuable resource, not only to aid in learning, but also for other reasons, such as parents needing to be in communication with their kids. Since high schools are supposed to be preparing students for the real world, where they will allowed to use cell phones, it seems pointless to not allow students to use cell phones for communication and research. Even with the increasing benefits of cell phones in school, many people argue against having cell phones allowed in school, and demand that they be confiscated on sight due to them being a “distraction”. Usage of cellphones for in class assignments as well as communication before and after classes is an important and necessary resource. Cell phones are becoming an increasingly beneficial tool in learning. Smart phones can be used for research, flashcards, calculator, or one of the many apps available to help students learn. According to a recent survey by Pew Research Center, 73% of AP teachers reported their students using cell phones for research or completing assignments. Students are able to use cell phones for research on topics maybe not covered in depth by their textbooks. A excellent resource for students is using an app to make flash cards, to allow them to practice key terms at any free time.. If high school is supposed to be preparing students for college or the real world, why ban cell phones if they aren't banned in the real world or at college? In a normal job, a person would have access to their cell phone as a resource for communication, information research and data storage, and yet schools are trying to prohibit this valuable resource. Cell phones are also vital for students to be able to reach emergency services as well as their parents and family in case of an emergency. In case of an emergency, even something like a small fire, it is important

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