Paid for Good Grades

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Picture this, getting money to buy that new pair of shoes you want if you do well on your next test. Do you think students should get paid for good grades? In my opinion here are three reasons I think students should get paid for good grades. One of them is more focus on school. Second reason is they love money so they’ll do what they have to, to get it. Third reason they’ll have better behavior. Students will focus more on school if they know they’re getting paid for doing their work and homework. If I were getting paid for doing well in school I would try my best on everything to get my own money that I earned. Focus is a big thing in school, if you don’t focus on your work pay attention and you won’t know what to do if you don’t focus to get that good grade you want. Kids of all ages love money the reason they do is because they’ll want to have their own instead of always asking their parents. Because they have money of their own to spend and their parents can’t tell them how they spend their money. Every kid will love to money of their own. Do you have students in your school who misbehave? But love to getting new things from their parents? Should those kids get paid? What should they do? They will start working harder in school and behaving so they can get new things they want. I think that kids would behave better if they know money was involved in school and they were getting paid for good grades and bahavior. In My opinion money is very popular some people can’t live without it, kids love money so that they can get what they want . Students should get paid for good
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