Implementing School Uniforms

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Implementing School Uniforms Implementing school uniforms will increase academic performance and reduce behavioral problems. While this is a temporary solution to the permanent problem of getting students to strive for achievement, the implementation of school uniform policies, especially at this pivotal point in time in our countries future, is one way we could help young people to realize their potential thru improving the over all quality of education in our country. While students and parents face many daily struggles that distract them from more important things, financial issues can be sited as one of the biggest struggles facing families and individuals these days. School uniforms provide a low cost alternative to expensive designer clothing. Students whose parents can’t afford expensive clothing can be spared the harsh words and jeers from their peers, allowing them to blend in instead of being singled out as poverty stricken or less fortunate then others, thus giving all the students the outward appearance of equals. Household income doesn’t become a visible issue with school uniforms (Benefits par. 38). On average, a family could provide its child with uniforms for a school year for between one hundred and one hundred fifty dollars, saving a small fortune versus shopping for new school clothes in stores (Summers par.12). Families with multiple children could save even more. With gently used hand me downs, a single set of uniforms could be worn by more than one child throughout the course of their education. Uniform recycling programs could also help to keep cost down for schools and families. The implementation of such programs could facilitate trade in programs for the uniforms, allowing families to trade in their uniforms on an annual or semi annual basis to keep up with growing children and growing families. Issues of cost and financial
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