Keep Grades in School

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We live in a competition driven society, and that competition starts from day one. School is used to learn and gather experience before heading out into the cruel and unforgiving society that surrounds us. Fact is there is a war going on, right now. Right outside of our doorsteps there are people fighting each other over the best educations and jobs available. Their weapons consist of their grades and experience, and those with the highest grades are always victorious. This is the world that awaits the students of today. They need to be prepared to fight, and it’s the schools job to provide them with the proper weapons to do so. Grades are used today as a filter for higher educations and employers, separating the undesired applicants from the potentially desired ones. Grades are being used for this because grades can be used to get a rough preview of the person in question. Grades show the applicant’s ability to listen accurately, communicate clearly, follow instructions, and to return a product, answer or skill on request. It is the student’s willingness and ability to apply themselves to the task at hand that demonstrates their future value to employers in the marketplace. Prospective bosses see good grades in school as an indication of the student’s ability to provide desired results, which makes them highly marketable and in demand. Without grades, how else would we assess and measure a student’s abilities in a practical way that can be used for this? Without grades every applicant would have to get brought in to an interview or something similar. This would take a lot of time and become extremely tedious. Grades are not only beneficial to students after graduation, but they benefit students and teachers during school as well. Grades are clear and distinct indications of how a student is performing in school. This is helpful for a number of reasons. First
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