Declining School System

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Ashley Professor R English100 3 September 2012 Comparisons on the Declining School System Have you ever thought school was boring and your teachers looked like they did not want to be there? In Ken Robinson’s video, he draws and explains the public education system and why it is not working for America today. Throughout the video he makes points that relate to Michael Moore’s excerpt “Idiot Nation”. Both men think that the school system is suppressing the students and is outdated for our nation and teachers do not have adequate supplies to teach. They want a change in the education system so that children can prosper and be able to boost our declining economy. Children have always dreaded going to school because of boring classes and monotone teachers, but children are not only noticing this but so are influential adults. Robinson describes the school system as a factory forming students into what we want and banishing out the ones that do not reform into the model student. Moore agrees that the school system is suppressive when he says, “As soon as I entered high school-the public school system…I was walking the halls of a two-thousand-plus –inmate holding pen” (134). Moore felt trapped and earlier revealed that he dropped out of school sophomore year because he disliked school from first grade. Robinson stated in his video that the school system was structured for the Enlightenment Era and says that’s why America’s economy is down. Hopefully the government can fix the educational system so students can become more interested in school so there are less drop outs like Moore. Today school is supposed to get children ready for the world and get them a good job, so they can flourish as an adult. However, they strip individuality from the children and morph them into obedient soldiers. The children who do not go along with this process get forgotten and

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