Satire Essay On Bullying In Schools

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Patrick McAuley Satire Essay 1/22/13 Bully for the Best According to an article written by MSNBC contributor Linda Carrol, everyday across our country one out of every six school kids is affected by the terrible use of bullying. Bullying is the largest problem concerning the safety and well-being of children at school. Students complain that bullying problems have driven them to lose focus in their learning, causing grades to drop and self-confidence to deteriorate over time. Bullies seem to target the weaker students, both physically and mentally. All schools say “no” to bullying, but why not say “yes”. I believe that encouraging bullying in schools will actually improve the lives of students that are there to learn and teachers that are there to teach. My proposed solution is a nationwide promotion of bullying in schools to help benefit the needs of students and teachers affected by it. I ask to all teachers across the country, what would you do without bullying? Studies show that thirty-two hours a year are spent by teachers on the topic of bullying in classrooms. Without bullying, teachers would just have to waste more time assigning pointless homework and grading countless papers that end up not helping students in the first place. Plus, to my account, bullying can bring humor to the classrooms…show more content…
Like if a bully told you “your shirt is ugly, only old people wear that”, then obviously they are trying to help you not dress like your great grandma at school. As you can see, bullies were really put on this earth to point out your problems so that you can improve on them and become a cool kid; because if you are not cool then you’re obviously going to get bullied. An average 7 out of 10 students have admitted that being bullied has helped them become more popular at school. This is an extremely nice thing for bullies to do for
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