Perry Hall High School Cheating

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Results of Research After receiving back 80 completed copies of our surveys our group started to look at the figures, first by each grade then as a whole. Our first major result was from the question, “Do you believe cheating occurs in Perry Hall High School?” Our subjects’ response was a whopping 97% believe that cheating does occur at our school. This showed us that the students, who see a different perspective from teachers and administrators, are pretty positive that Perry Hall High isn’t exempt from this academic integrity epidemic. The next significant question that we asked was if the student had ever done any of the following which included copying or lending homework, cheating on tests, plagiarizing, and also the option never…show more content…
Even though a quarter of those students said the reason was laziness, we believe that most students cheat either its easier for them, or they are trying to get a satisfying grade. We also wanted to see how relevant the previous questions were from a time perspective. Did the students commit the acts of cheating recently or was it a one-time thing? We sought to find this out by asking the surveyors when the last time they have cheated was. Over 60% of students had cheated in the past month, which is fairly recent, and a staggering 83% had cheated in the past quarter. This showed us that cheating is an on going problem that almost certainly happens daily in Perry Hall High. To sum up our survey we asked students to tell us how big of a problem they though cheating was in our school on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the most serious. 41% responded a 3 with the rest of the figure split evenly between 1,2,4, and 5. We concluded from this that students don’t really care about the subject or are indifferent about it. However we had an open-ended question to students of how did it make them feel when someone cheats? We had responses from “Unfair, because I did my work the right way and they get the same

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