Ethics Of American Teenagers

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Ethics of American Teenagers In 2008 the Josephson Institute of Los Angeles created a report card on the Ethics of American Youth. Surveying about 26,760 high school students across america and asked 62 questions on their actions and attitudes. The report card gave results that explains, American school students are proven to have cheated, lied and stolen in their past year, As students continue to commit to bad habits like these, they can affect society and ruin futures for not only them but us! According to the report card, three areas were covered. Lying, cheating, and stealing. Stealing had a 26% report that girls have admitted to stealing from a store. 35% of boys who took the survey admitted to doing the same thing. 64% admit to cheating on a test and 38% cheated on 2 or more test this year. Forty-two percent said they have lied to save money and 82% have sdmit to lying to their parents for "significant reasons". This evidence proves that these are our future cops, politicians, corporate executives, journalists, generals, and even parents. These students are making these kind of decisions and they are ruining the laws of society. I these students go to college it would not be beneficial (their actions and behavior) and will demolish the individuals paradigm on their future. Today teens across the country have and already been influenced to do bad and dissapointing things. Part of the issue is the influence the world brings upon teens. Media has a lot to do with what the world today and the influence it spreads to teenagers and adults. For example, Music Videos in the Hip Hop world encourage either drugs, sex, or theft. Reality shows on television as well set bad examples such as excessive use of vulgar language causing viewers to think it's 'okay' to do the same. THat is one of the main reasons teenagers across the country are making these decision.

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