A Desensitized Society Drenched In Size Analysis

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Argument: For Jeff Jacoby, writer of “A Desensitized Society Drenched in Sleaze,” violent entertainment indirectly causes real life violence. He states that even with his highly religious and disciplined background he was “jaded” from exposure to violent TV. he thinks that if he can be desensitized, then anyone can be desensitized. With that thought, Jacoby may have a valid point. If exposed to violent TV for an extended amount of time, it may be able to desensitize anyone, especially if they come from an already broken home or bad neighborhood. To say that because of this desensitizing, everybody is to be more violent would not be accurate. Many who have broken the law or committed crimes against man don’t even have access to TV. People in bad neighborhoods or broken homes or schools are more prone to violence because of what they see around them,…show more content…
Government intervention into the media is a hot topic these days, filled with controversy and blame. Every group is pointing the finger at another group. Parents are blaming the government for not helping, government is blaming the media for not censoring material, and others are blaming the parents for not censoring and protecting their children. Our society is getting nowhere. there is no solid proof that the media causes violence, and although parents do a lot to help and protect their children, there are still some steps that can be taken to protect their children against violent and sexual material. Government intervention not stands for it. Violence starts at home, not on TV or in a computer game. America needs to stand together and fight youth violence and promiscuous sex without taking away the rights of citizens. We all want to help America's youth, but Government intervention (stronger enforcement of existing laws or new legislation) into availability of popular culture media would not help to reduce violence and promiscuous sex among America's

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