Police Officer Stereotypes

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Karolina Klambatseas English/ S. Mehrotra 10/05/2012 Classification/Division Essay: Occupational Stereotypes Are politicians corrupt liars who abuse their authority for personal gain and benefit? If so, then why do we continue to cast our votes to elect them into office? If used car salesmen negatively enhance their products, are untrustworthy, and lack ethics then why do we continue to buy cars from them? Why not buy new cars, or choose to work with women instead? If rock music is all about drugs, sex and alcohol then why do we listen to it? The answer to these questions is simple. These are all stereotypes fabricated by the media and accepted by society. The media plays an important role in stereotyping due to its ability to access privileged…show more content…
They are often accused of racial profiling, abuse of power, issuing many tickets to meet quotas and spending a lot of time drinking coffee and eating donuts. When we think of a police officer we visualize a sloppy, overweight, man with an attitude problem. This is the common stereotype. Police officers work to serve and protect the community. In order to effectively do their job they have to be stern and authoritative with people who break the law. It takes a great deal of discipline to be a police officer. Applicants must meet height and weight requirements and go through rigorous training before they can start the job. They are constantly being evaluated on their job performance to ensure they are qualified to protect the community. Luckily, the only police officer most of us have had to deal with was during a traffic violation. Motorists who were caught speeding or more recently talking on their cell phones while driving are not likely to get any sympathy from the police because they are endangering the lives of others not to mention their own. During minor violations such as forgetting to use a turn signal or coming to a complete stop almost all officers will issue a warning to drivers with a clean driving history. One of my friends, Phil works for the Melrose Park Police Department. He takes his job very seriously, and that is what makes him a respected officer on the…show more content…
This one is greatly affected by the media. A majority of musicians have problems with drugs, alcohol, public disorder and infidelity. Most come from broken families with toxic environments. They reflect their emotions in the songs they write which greatly influence listeners. The media likes to capture rock musicians using drugs at wild parties and acting irresponsible to get attention from people and increase magazine sales and ratings. I consider musicians to be artists who use music as a form of expression. The majority of their actions are to uphold certain image expectations from their fan base. Rock stars are expected to act wild and crazy always engaging in scandals to keep their fans wanting more. While a majority of these people are addicts with psychological issues who usually die from overdoses of illicit drugs many actually have families and are regular normal people when they are not in the spotlight. Some examples are Ozzie Osbourne, Gene Simmons, and Steven Tyler. These artists have been married to their spouses for years and raised families with young children without any problems. The spouses and close personal friends of rock stars are the only people who know them for their true selves when they are not performing. We make assumptions of these people based on their music, lyrics, and image sometimes struggle to portray for fans, but let us keep in mind that is a fake image demanded by their record labels. The

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