How Is Goldie Portrayed In The Mack

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My opinion of the movie “The Mack” is that it sheds a negative light on young black women and men. It clearly gave the impression that all women are hoes and black men can’t live the good life without pimping or selling crack. Young urban minorities watch television and movies and they see the glitz and glamour think it’s cool and want the fame. Goldie who considered himself to be a “hero” but in reality he was toxic, he was a villain, he was a murder, a drug dealer and a pimp. I would have to say that his brother was more so “The hero” but of course the movie had little focus on that. The perversion of black women in “The Mack” could easily give young women the idea that being promiscuous and wearing provocative clothing is o.k. and the…show more content…
Anyone who was positive in the movie they tried to hurt or they killed them off. Young minorities are faced with theses images everyday from music videos on down to television shows and I feel that it was an awful depiction of black culture. I do feel that the movie is detrimental and can taint a young urban minorities mind; it could lead young men and women to idolize criminal lifestyle. When Goldie refers to himself as a “hero” I could almost imagine what is going on in a young teenager’s mind. Their probably thinking the movie was great or they want to sell drugs, be a player or pimp just like him without seeing the truth. Goldie felt like he had to do some illegal things in order to survive but that will not lead you on the straight and narrow path to success. Adults need to take more time out to teach these young individuals to make smarter decisions in life. We must do more to put positive images in front of our youth if we want them to strive for excellence in doing so, we help undo

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