Cheating Do Students Have Any Academic Integrity? Essay

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Cheating Do Students have any Academic Integrity? Larry Cephas English 215: Research and writing Professor C. Pumphey Strayer University 03/06/2014 Cheating Do Students have any Academic Integrity? The academic enterprise involves encountering the world as it actually is, warts and all. Thus honesty about facts, sources, ambiguities, ideas, errors, inspirations, and so on lies at the very heart of what universities are about. (Bouville, M., 2010) writes “Academic integrity is intellectual honesty and responsibility for academic work that you submit or work on with others”. I believe that students who cheat are sometimes not at fault because, in today’s society most people copy and use other people’s words, work, and ideas everyday making nothing original so, we should all have some integrity for ourselves and know that cheating and or plagiarizing will get us nowhere in life. However, there are a few advantages and disadvantages when cheating that we will further talk about. Cheating has been done for as long as I can remember. Academic dishonesty, with internet plagiarism as of the most common forms, is a concern on college and university’s campuses more than ever before. Within the past few years, high tech cheating is gradually replacing the simple copy, cut, paste method. Students have become more tech savvy, and online instructional cheating videos, detailing clever methods to cheat, are populating the internet daily (Jones, D. 2011.). According to many studies, in between 80 and 95 percent of high school students admitted to cheating at least once in the past year and 75 percent admitted to cheating four or more times. The research goes back 15 years but that’s the highest it’s ever been. In the mid-1990s, it was around 60 percent (Walker, T., 2012) Some of the other problems student’s faces regarding cheating are; how cheating undermines

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