Why We Hate Smart Kids

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Kaitlyn Perry English-112 10/7/14 Why We Hate the Smart Kids For many people, high schools is greatest life adventure of their life but for others it can be a nightmares. The stereotypes of the nerds, popularity, bully, and disabilities are in every high school. According to Grant Penrod; Why We Hate the Smart Kids, the nerds can have the negative consequence for society and how the society have discourage intellectual by giving a negative statement to geeks or nerds. Earlier in the essay, I realize that it was an argument and he is pushing us to his side instead having both sides of the option they can choose. According to Grant Penrod, he stated “The football team from Mountain View high school won the Arizona state championship last year. Again. Unbeknownst to the vast majority of the school’s student body, so did the Science Bowl Team, The Speech and Debate Team, and the Academic Decathlon team.” They have been unknown because they are smart enough to get a good degree and live their life the way they wanted to. Sports come once in life time for some students, people know more about the sport than they do about the smartness. Grant Penrod essay is mainly about stereotypes, he talk about how people hated nerds and geeks. We all hate nerds because they know about everything, for others all we care about is social society and sports but the main reason we hate the smart kids is they scored high in SAT and walk out with a degree and good money. “Robert T. Kyosaki claim in his book “If you want to be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go to School”. In my opinion, celebrities and athletic is not something you can achieve easy, many people achieve things in a different ways. Anyone can hold a doctorate degree, earned more salaries of the nerds. If you want to be rich and happy, find a bachelor or associated degree that you would enjoy to do. Grant Pendrod stated “Man
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