Are Grades Too Emphasized In College

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Throughout the entire country, high school students are giving up everything that makes them teenagers to either please their parents or to feel they have accomplished something. Can anyone make the statement, “grades are everything, nothing else in the world matters.” This pompous statement is unjust and unfair. Why should every kid in the world give up what they want, what they desire to do, just so they can acclaim some “glory” in having good grades. Good grades should not mean everything in high school. The most intelligent child could have the worst grades, does that make the child stupid? Grades are important, nobody can make the argument that they have no purpose, but understand, just because someone has bad grades does not automatically mean they are an underachiever or some drug addict. To this day, nobody has surpassed the level of intelligence demonstrated by the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Einstein struggled through his high-school life because his father’s business failure and had to quit school and pursue his life ambitions and further intelligence in a educational system. Einstein answered his calling to discover many different historical advancements. Two of them for example are Theoretical Physics and his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. If Albert Einstein achieved the title of “Most Intelligent Person in History” people should realize that grades should not mean everything in the world. The idea of grades and scores should definitely not be taken out of perspective. Grades do show the level of your understanding of a subject, but, they should not be everything. There is too much emphasis placed on grades! Just because one student is an A student does not mean that student is the only capable student. Depriving a child of an education is just plain terrible. Why should a willing child be

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